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welcome to the site of the Dark Sun Productions software company!  There's really only one employee though, and that's me: Nate Allen.  I decided to make this site after I had some degree of success making and selling computer programs in my home town.  They're all fairly simple and cheep (starting at 1$) so if you did decide to buy anything, you at least certainly wouldn't be shelling out too much.  Anyway, I personally hate buying stuff online, so I'm also posting several free downloads as well of various crap I happen to like.

Well, as far as the free downloads go, I have a Chrono Trigger fangame that I've been working on, as well as a good puzzle game.  There's also several episodes of Xiao Xiao stick fighting, if you know what that is.

Now proud to help host Foamy the Squirrel!
See the flash movie hosted by this site here


    downloads (removed for now)

MXP Unicycling (new manual added)


last updated: 3/18/05

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