And what does that stand for anyways?



The Manual:

For an English project, I made a unicycling manual that may be of interest to beginners.  You can download it here



Mountain Unicycling a.k.a. MUni

Just what it sounds like, like dirt biking, only much more dangerous.

Truly a sport worthy to be the play-thing of the mentally un-balanced with good equilibrium.




EXtreme Unicycling

Kinda like BMXing on a permanent wheelie.  It's similar to MUni but in an urban setting.  It means riding down stairs and on the tops of walls, bunny-hopping, and uni-jumps at the basic level, but includes just about anything you can do to impress the opposite sex.




Performance Unicycling

The most challenging (although least dangerous) of the three, this includes stuff you would see at UNICON or other shows or competitions.  This is pretty much anything that looks good on stage, such as the tricks presented in the USA's skill levels, and more significantly, juggling (although doing this will guarantee that you're mistaken for a clown).